Über Aroma House

Aroma House ist der führende Hersteller von Aromatherapie-Diffusoren, die Großhändler und Distributoren weltweit beliefern.

Aroma House produziert seit über 25 Jahren eine umfassende Produktvielfalt hochwertiger Aromatherapie Duftgeräte, Ultraschall-Zerstäuber und Accessoires. Aroma House fertigt darüberhinaus ein komplettes Sortiment parfümierter Produkte unter der Marke OrnaScent.

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Manufacturer of Aromatherapy Diffusers - Aroma House

Warum entschied sich Aroma House?

Extensive Product Range

We manufacture a complete range of aromatherapy diffusers and accessories as well as a full range of scented products under the trademark, OrnaScent .

25 years of Research and Development

Our skilled team continuously works towards the development of new products. They are developed in partnership with design experts, our in-house electronic engineer and team of professionals.


Our products are all certified and meet regulatory standards established by each country. We have extensive experience in the regulatory approval process in more than 30 countries.

Environmental Standards

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and consumers in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner through our environmental strategy .

International Distribution Network

For 25 years,
Aroma House has been a partner with some of the most successful retailers and distributors in aromatherapy worldwide.

Private Labelling

We offer product customization including turn key solutions. Our in-house manufacturing and packaging facility allows us to respond to the needs of our partners.

Our Commitment

"Our customer's evolving needs are important to us.
We invest in our employees and in our equipment in order to manufacture the very best aromatherapy diffusers, accessories and other aromatic products.
We apply Total Quality Management principles to ensure customer satisfaction.
We work with our customers as partners to help participate in their success. These are our committed goals and every member of our team knows how important they are."
Joe Benamor, President

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